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Legal Resources

Blue Ridge Legal Services

Code of Virginia (searchable)
Official website for U.S. federal legislative information- Replaces

Constitution of Virginia

Information articles on specific legal topics

Guide to Virginia Legal Information and Resources

How to Research a Legal Problem, A Guide for Non-Lawyers
From the American Association of Law Libraries

International Codes Council
Model codes and standards used worldwide
to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures
Referrals and guides to local legal aid and public interest law offices, basic information about legal rights, court forms, self-help information, court information, links to social service agencies
Law directory includes peer review and client review ratings for some attorneys

Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator
Law directory includes peer review and client review ratings for some attorneys

NOLO Law for All
Free legal information/lawyer directory

Rockbridge County Code and Regulations

Senior Virginians Handbook

U.S. Government Publishing Office
Public access to Federal Government information, including Online access to Code of Federal Regulations (executive), United States Court Opinions (judicial), and United States Code (legislative)
Court rules of procedure, forms, clerks office contact information

Virginia Administrative Code (searchable)

Virginia Building Codes
Virginia building codes, key contacts, and useful links

Virginia Decoded
The State Decoded project, an independent effort to make freely-available state codes that are more user-friendly. Includes pop-up definitions, cross-references to other code sections, and references to court decisions interpreting code sections. Virginia Decoded is currently in beta, and is not an official version of the code, but has handy research tools that would normally require using a pay service.

Virginia Legal Aid (searchable)

Virginia Legal Forms

Virginia Legislative Information System (LIS)
State bills and session laws

Virginia Public Law Libraries

Washington & Lee Law School

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