Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  What is my PIN and why do I need it?

When a patron receives a library card, the default PIN is the last four numbers of their library card number (located on the back of the library card). If patrons wish to view their account via the library web page, it is necessary to sign in with both the library card number and the PIN.

  How do I change my PIN?

Patrons are encouraged to change their default PIN number to another number which is easy for them to remember. Patrons can change their PIN numbers online, or with the help of a staff member. To change the PIN online, go to the library web page, click on “Sign In”, then sign in using the library card number and default PIN. Then, click on the “Change PIN” button, and follow the directions.

  How do I renew books online?

Go the library web page, click on “Sign In”, log on with your library card number and PIN, check the items you with to renew and click “Renew Checked Items”. If the item(s) can be renewed the following message will be displayed:

Item(s) have been renewed.

If the item(s) cannot be renewed the following message will be displayed:

Item cannot be renewed. Check at the circulation desk.

You must then return the book, either because the renewal limit has been reached, or another patron has a hold on the material.

  How do I place a hold on materials online?

When you locate an item that you would like to have held for you, click the “Place Hold” button on the left hand side of the screen. Fill in your library number and PIN, and click “Submit Request”. The next screen will tell you if your hold has been placed, or if it was not possible to place your hold. You may pick the material up at the library of your choice.

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