Rockbridge Regional Library, located at 138 S. Main Street in Lexington, is now a passport acceptance facility. Call 540-463-4324 to make an appointment.

For more information, visit Travel.State.Gov


1. Renewals: Request by mail only using form DS-82.

  • Visit Travel.State.Gov to print form and review requirements
  • New applications: Completed form DS-11; Visit Travel.State.Gov to review requirements and print form. Please print DS-11 form one-sided only.
  • Fill out forms in black ink only. DO NOT SIGN.

2. Evidence of U.S. citizenship and a photocopy of the document. For examples of acceptable citizenship documents, visit

  • Acceptable documents include original birth certificate or Passport Book
  • If submitting a passport book with an application for a person under age 16, the original birth certificate must also be submitted.

3. Photo ID and photocopy of photo ID (may include one of the following):

  • Fully valid U.S. Driver’s license. If no Virginia driver’s license, bring an additional, acceptable photo ID.
  • Fully valid, undamaged U.S. Passport (may be expired)
  • Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship
  • Government employee ID (city, county or state)
  • U.S. Military ID
  • Valid foreign Passport

For examples of acceptable primary, secondary or supplemental ID’s, visit

4. Passport photo (available from CVS Pharmacy or Walmart)

5. Application fee: check or money order to Department of State

  • Passport book:
    • Age 16 and over: $110.00
    • Under age 16: $80.00
  • Passport card:
    • Age 16 and over: $30.00
    • Under age 16: $15.00
  • Expedite fee (optional): $60.00 (for passport book only):
  • Overnight delivery for book return (optional): $17.56

6. Execution fee: cash, check or money order made payable to Rockbridge Regional Library in the amount of $35.00 for processing each passport application. For Express Mail, add $18.65. (Express Mail is not required for Expedited Processing.)

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