Patrons may obtain a Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) card at no charge by providing identification showing current address. The card may be used at any RRLS branch including the bookmobile.

Library cards may be replaced free of charge one time. Applicants are asked to resolve any outstanding charges with RRLS before a new card can be issued. Applicants may also be asked to resolve any outstanding charges with RRLS in order to check out materials or use computers.

Patrons will be charged the replacement cost for each lost or damaged item. Parents or guardians are responsible for the charges on the cards of children.

Patrons may request and receive items at any RRLS branch. Materials may be returned to any location.

Interlibrary loans (ILLs) for items outside RRLS are available to all patrons for print materials only. Fees may apply. Overdue fines apply to ILLs and will be charged accordingly.

RRLS permits children access to all materials in the system. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to manage access to materials, programs and services for their children.

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are provided as a service to promote access to online resources across the rural areas served by RRLS. Mobile hotspot devices are available for checkout by patrons 18 and older who have a RRLS card in good standing.

A broadband signal may not be available in all locations at all times. RRLS is not responsible for information accessed using mobile hotspot devices or for personal information that is shared over the internet. Hotspot users are expected to comply with the RRLS Acceptable Internet Use Policy.

The circulation of hotspots may be withdrawn if policies and procedures are not followed or devices are altered in any way.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, September 23, 2021


Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) is a valuable and cost-effective source of professional reference and local information. RRLS employees are dedicated to providing access to information, popular materials, and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

In accordance with American Library Association guidelines, including the Freedom to Read statement and RRLS Bill of Rights, responsibilities for RRLS staff include the collection of materials appropriate to the communities served, the organization of resources, the provision of access to resources, guidance in the use of resources, and participation in interlibrary loans. RRLS is part of the educational and cultural life of Rockbridge County, Lexington and Buena Vista, and Bath County.

Rockbridge Regional Library staff bolster the power of education, cultivate opportunities for learning, foster the fun in reading and serve communities as information professionals.

Authority for determining policy in the selection and acquisition of materials is vested in the Rockbridge Regional Library System’s Board of Trustees. The responsibility for material selection rests with the RRLS director, functioning within the framework of policies determined by the Board of Trustees and assisted by members of the staff who are qualified by reason of education and training.

When an objection is made regarding collections, the individual or group may complete a Request for Reconsideration form to be forwarded to the Materials Review Committee. The committee comprises two library board members, two staff members, and the RRLS director. Following a review of the request, the committee will make a recommendation to the RRLS Board of Trustees which makes the final decision regarding the objection.

The goal of RRLS is to provide access to the best available materials for a wide range of users and in the most widely used and accepted formats. Selections are made in accordance with the general guidelines of the RRLS mission and within the constrictions imposed by fiscal considerations. Controversial issues will be addressed through a provision of materials that speak to various sides of an issue with emphasis being given to maintaining a balanced collection. Acquisition of a title is based upon the merit of the specific title and the value of that title to RRLS collections. Every effort will be made to provide material of lasting worthwhile still being responsive to current demand.

Principles to be followed include:

  1. Weeding of the collection on a thorough and regular basis is as much a part of the collection development process as is the purchase of materials.
  2. Duplication will be avoided except for high-demand materials.
  3. Requests for specialized and ephemeral materials are answered through interlibrary loan.


1. Fiction

RRLS will maintain a collection of works of fiction of a wide interest for the general public ranging from popular materials to classics from all periods of literature. Because it is the duty of RRLS to ensure the rights of mature readers, no book will be eliminated from consideration because of language, violence, or sexual content so long as the use of these elements is an integral part of the work.

2. Religion

RRLS will maintain a collection of materials that present the fundamental concepts and beliefs of various religions to offer a well-rounded collection on major religions and their sacred writings. RRLS will not add proselytizing materials to the collection, but it encourages popular presentations of new ideas and movements in religion.

3. Health and Medicine

RRLS will maintain a collection of standard and popular materials in the areas of health, nutrition, hygiene, diseases, and medicine that are aimed at the general public. These works include scientific and authoritative materials on human sexuality for the general user of every age and reading level.

4. Law

RRLS collections may include materials for the general user dealing with the philosophy of law as well as specific areas of law such as taxation, family law, and real estate. Laws of Rockbridge County, Lexington, Buena Vista and Bath County as well as of the Commonwealth of Virginia are made available. The laws and regulations of the United States or other states are also available through the Internet.

5. Government and Economics

RRLS will work as appropriate to maintain a balanced collection on American government and economics as well as international government and economics.

6. Textbooks

Textbooks are not added to the collection.

7. Genealogy

RRLS collections in genealogy is limited primarily to how-to materials. The local history collection includes materials on Rockbridge and Bath Counties, Lexington, Buena Vista, Goshen, Glasgow, and surrounding areas. Appropriate works by local authors and family histories are included in the collection. Other genealogical information is available through the Internet.


RRLS will maintain a collection of materials of interest to middle school and high school students. The materials are not of a curricular nature although they may supplement the curriculum of the local schools.


RRLS will maintain a collection of materials suitable in interest and comprehension to children from birth through the eighth grade.

Multiple copies of titles are purchased to meet demands where possible. However, RRLS does not purchase multiple copies to meet the demands of school reading lists.


Library staff will select current formats using the same selection criteria as those for selecting print materials.


Weeding the collection is an essential part of the collection development process. Weeding must be continuous so that the highest standards will be met. The following guidelines for weeding will apply:

  1. Dated materials that are no longer relevant will be discarded. Standard guidelines for weeding various subject areas of the collection will be used (for example, medical and financial materials will be deemed out-of-date well before most historical works).
  2. Badly worn materials or damaged items will be discarded, mended, or replaced.
  3. Items with poor circulation statistics will be reviewed regularly.


RRLS staff relies on specific review media as well as professional discretion and community interest in the selection of materials. The following is a partial list of sources:

1. Library Journal
2. School Library Journal
3. Booklist
4. Publishers’ Weekly
5. VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)
6. Washington Post Book Review
7. New York Times Book Review
8. Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books


Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, December 11, 2018


The American Library Association’s Code of Ethics states that librarians protect each library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.

The Code of Virginia 2.2-3705(A)(10) (Virginia Freedom of Information Act) states that the following records are excluded from the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act: (8) Library records which can be used to identify both (i) any library patron who has borrowed material from a library and (ii) the material such patron has borrowed.

Patron circulation records exist for the sole purpose of maintaining and conserving public property and are deleted after the timely and proper return of materials. Therefore, it is the policy of the Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) Board that RRLS patron records shall not provide to a third party the details, nature, or purpose of information pertaining to an individual patron, unless required by court order, subpoena from a governmental agency or as otherwise required by law, or as necessary to protect the interests of RRLS in pending litigation.

RRLS employees have the responsibility to protect each individual library patron’s right to confidentiality and privacy relating to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed, or acquired.

All patron records are confidential. No RRLS employee shall reveal the identity of a borrower to any requestor or make known in any manner any information contained in patron records.

With the exception of RRLS personnel performing their required library duties, patron records may only be disclosed:

  • To the patron himself/herself upon verification of identity
  • To parents of children under 18
  • To anyone with written consent of the patron involved

The records referred to in this policy, whether print or electronic, include but are not limited:

  • To circulation records from any RRLS department
  • To interlibrary loan requests
  • To patron book requests
  • To computer booking records
  • To reference requests received in person, via email, telephone, or other electronic delivery
  • To all other personally identifiable uses of RRLS materials, facilities or services including computer usage

The confidential information in these records includes, but is not limited:

  • To subjects researched
  • To materials consulted
  • To Individual titles borrowed
  • To patron name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, and email address

No information will be released to any person, agency, or organization, except in response to a valid court order or subpoena.

In the event that RRLS is served with a court order or subpoena directing that RRLS provide records, no records will be released until legal counsel determines that such process, court order, or subpoena is in order and in full compliance with proper legal authority, whether local, state, or federal in nature.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, December 15, 2020


Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) display spaces are open to organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities. Materials for display are not excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.

The purpose of RRLS display spaces is to fulfill the RRLS mission and increase awareness of RRLS resources. RRLS provides display spaces for RRLS and public use. Displays using RRLS spaces shall further one or more of these purposes:

  • Call attention to a theme related to RRLS services, collections or programs
  • Highlight current issues, events or other subjects of public interest
  • Display original art, crafts, photographs or writings created by artists in the region or contained in traveling displays
  • Explain the activities of, or issues of interest to, local organizations and agencies engaged in educational, recreational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities.
  • Display interesting collections or hobbies of residents in the region

Requests to display items at RRLS locations may be granted to individuals or groups. Name and contact information for the individual or group preparing the display must be part of the display.

Display materials shall be defined as those which are without direct or implied commercial intent.
Displays must fit within the space allowance as defined by each branch location. RRLS locations may designate spaces for particular types of displays to make best use of display units and/or to make the display accessible to the intended audience.

All displays must meet existing state and federal laws on obscenity, libel, defamation of character and/or invasion of privacy.

RRLS reserves the right to refuse display space to exhibits which, in its opinion, do not further the purposes listed above.

RRLS assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, damage or destruction of items left for display.
RRLS does not endorse the policies or beliefs depicted by displays. RRLS does not accept responsibility for ensuring that all points of view are represented in any single display. Granting of permission to display materials does not imply RRLS endorsement of content, nor will RRLS accept responsibility for accuracy of statements made in such materials.
RRLS use of display areas takes precedence over any other use and RRLS reserves the right, without notice, to cancel the use of display areas if the space is needed for RRLS purposes.

RRLS will not act as agent for the sale of materials.

In accordance with ALA Guidelines, RRLS will limit the frequency of use to best accommodate community needs. Procedures for use of display areas in each branch are available.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, August 16, 2016


Gifts and donations are accepted at all branches of the Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) with the following conditions:

  • All gifts become the property of RRLS without conditions attached to their use.
  • Donated materials are accepted under the condition that the acquisitions staff will add the materials to RRLS collections if needed using the same criteria for selection as purchased materials.

RRLS employees may not appraise any item for tax purposes. Gifts are acknowledged in writing and receipts are provided for materials and cash donations.

Gifts of cash or other financial vehicles may be donated directly to RRLS, branch locations, friends groups or to the RRLS Foundation. Gifts of land, stock, etc., will be accepted if the gift is acceptable to the RRLS Board of Trustees or Foundation Board as appropriate.

At the request of the donor, standard library recognition will be attached to items added to RRLS collections.

Gift materials with library recognition are subject to the same criteria as all RRLS materials with regard to damage, de-selection, and loss.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, March 19, 2019


The Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) seeks to offer a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone. The Board of Trustees has established this Code of Conduct to protect the rights of patrons and staff to enjoy a safe space conducive to the effective use of RRLS facilities, materials, resources and services. These rules are posted for the comfort and protection of all.

RRLS patrons must observe these rules for responsible use of library facilities and grounds:

  • Follow all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations
  • Behave in a manner that respects the comfort and safety of patrons and staff in RRLS branches as well as surrounding premises
  • Be responsible for personal belongings
  • Check out all library materials using a valid library card before removing them from a library facility
  • Follow library policies

Irresponsible use of and behavior in RRLS facilities and premises include but are not limited to:

  • Any illegal act or conduct in violation of federal, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations
  • Possession of a weapon
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Use of alcohol, intoxicants, or tobacco products in any library facility
  • Solicitation of money, donations, signatures, or other activities that request participation from RRLS patrons and staff
  • Photographs or recordings of patrons and/or staff taken without permission
  • Animals in RRLS buildings or on the premises except properly identified service animals, or animals used in RRLS programs

The Code of Conduct is enforced by staff and/or local law enforcement. Patron identification, including name, address, and telephone number may be requested. Any patron not abiding by RRLS policies will be required to leave the premises and may forfeit their RRLS privileges.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, February 16, 2021


The Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) welcomes individuals and groups to use library meeting rooms. The meeting rooms are available for use during hours the Library is open.

As a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization, the library is prohibited from any direct or indirect participation with political campaigns, parties and candidates by the IRS. This includes voter education and registration that would favor one candidate over another as well as meetings, signage, etc. anywhere on Library premises. The IRS restriction does not apply to the responsibilities of elected officials (e.g. town meetings).

Meeting rooms are provided on equal terms to individuals and groups in the community regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members, provided the meetings are open to the public, free of charge and RRLS policies and procedures are followed.

The fact that an individual or group is permitted to use a room does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the RRLS Board of Trustees or employees. All literature and publicity regarding meeting room activities must clearly identify the sponsor(s).

Library and Library-sponsored activities have first priority in scheduling; thereafter, the rooms are available for county, municipal, and local government purposes. Library meeting rooms are not available for programs involving the sale, advertising, or promotion of commercial products or services, regardless of purpose, except programs of the Rockbridge Regional Library System and the Rockbridge Regional Library Foundation.

Solicitation is not permitted in meeting rooms.

The Library Director or Branch Manager may extend meeting room use beyond regular library hours.

All groups and individuals must abide by Federal, State, and local laws and ordinances.

In accordance with ALA guidelines, the library will limit frequency of use to best accommodate community needs. Procedures for the use and scheduling of the meeting rooms are available at each location.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, April 26, 2016
Revised: December 15, 2020


Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) maintains a continuing policy of nondiscrimination in all practices and decisions, ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals in accordance with all existing federal and state laws and regulations.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, May 24, 2016


RRLS staff provide reference service to all patrons on an equal, nondiscriminatory, and nonjudgmental basis without regard to the background, appearance, or personal views of the patron making the inquiry.

RRLS staff will attempt to answer all questions. However, there are limits for some types of questions and services beyond the scope and expertise of RRLS staff. These include appraisal of books and works of art, personal computer support, and questions regarding laws, medicine and taxes.

With few exceptions, patrons do not need to be registered cardholders to use RRLS facilities or reference materials and service. A current RRLS card may be required in order for the patron to access some resources including subscription databases and public-use computers.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, October 20, 2020


The Risk Management Policy reduces or prevents exposure to liability or liability risks for Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS).

It is important for RRLS staff:

  • To ensure health and safety is extended to all visitors and staff;
  • To provide careful supervision and protection of all the Library’s real and personal property, including vehicles and equipment;
  • To provide education and training for staff directly related to loss prevention and reduction; and
  • To provide protection for RRLS against liability.

Risk Management Procedures for RRLS thoroughly integrates risk management into every level of the operations. Every RRLS employee should understand the risks and his/her role in preventing and controlling potential losses.

The Risk Management Policy includes:

  • Personnel responsibilities in respect to loss control and risk reduction;
  • The purchase of adequate insurance against liability exposure of all appropriate types;
  • Identification of allowable costs for the maintenance of the Risk Management Plan, necessary personnel, equipment and inspections, to be included in the Library’s annual budget.
  • and the provision of an insurance/compensation program that provides protection to the Library against liability of all types.

The general, overall, responsibility for the development and maintenance of the Library’s Risk Management Program rests with the Board of Trustees and, specifically, the Library Director. The Director is responsible for the development of the procedures for the risk management policy, identifying the various components of the procedures, and delegating responsibilities to appropriate personnel.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, December 15, 2020


Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) welcomes children of all ages. RRLS employees are dedicated to providing materials, services and programs for the benefit of children in our community in a welcoming environment. It is for the safety of each child that this Safe Children Policy has been adopted.

For the purpose of this policy, a child is defined as a person under 18 years of age. A responsible caregiver is defined as the person who accompanies a child to RRLS and attends to the child while there. A responsible caregiver may be a parent, guardian, adult relative, teacher, day care staff, baby sitter, or sibling of at least 13 years of age. The responsible caregiver must have contact information for parents or guardians if needed.

Children under the age of 8 must have a responsible caregiver within sight and conversation distance at all times. The caregiver is expected to supervise the child and ensure that the child’s behavior is not disturbing to others.

Children ages 8 and older may be present in RRLS locations unaccompanied by a responsible caregiver provided the child follows the same rules and regulations as all other RRLS patrons. The child must have contact information for parents or guardians if needed.

Parents or guardians and caregivers are expected abide by this policy. Ultimately, parents or guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children at RRLS locations, whether or not they are present.

RRLS employees do not act in loco parentis. That is, library employees do not assume the role of responsible caregiver.

RRLS staff will attempt to contact the parent or guardian when a child is unattended or under-attended/ignored and:

  • the behavior of the child is disruptive or inappropriate
  • the child appears to be a danger to herself or himself or others
  • the child appears to be threatened by others
  • the child appears to be ill or upset
  • the child has not been met by a parent or caregiver at closing

In the event that the parent or guardian cannot be located, staff will contact the local Police Department. In the event of an emergency, staff will call 911.

The RRLS Director and staff are authorized by the Board of Trustees to develop procedures to carry out this Safe Children Policy.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, March 19, 2019


Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) uses social media to increase awareness and accessibility for classes, programs, resources, and services in order to better serve RRLS patrons and staff.

RRLS social media accounts are used for these purposes:

  • To promote library classes, services, and programs through greater accessibility to RRLS-specific information
  • To improve library services, classes, programs and resources based on patron feedback
  • To provide information to the community effectively and efficiently
  • To enhance communication and collaboration between RRLS staff and community members.
  • To reach new and inactive patron groups.

RRLS is not responsible for the content of posts made by third parties, including customers, reviewers, advertisers, etc. Public posts by third parties do not reflect the positions of RRLS or staff.

RRLS reserves the right to block public posts or comments if they include spam or advertisements, hateful or harassing speech, obscenity, personal disparagement or defamation, or any other comment that violates the RRLS code of conduct.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, April 16, 2019

Unscheduled Closings Policy

Rockbridge Regional Library System (RRLS) will keep all branches open as much as possible with consideration for the safety of patrons and staff.

RRLS branches will close when the branch manager or manager on duty deems it necessary to close. In making decisions, managers will refer to local sources and the Virginia Department of Transportation where possible. All staff will be notified as quickly as possible by email, phone or text.

Local radio and television stations will be notified of any unscheduled closures. Public notification will be provided.

Canceled programs will be rescheduled when possible.

Approved by RRLS Board of Trustees, March 19, 2019

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